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Looking for Pipe Rotators for Welding? Used Bode Rotating equipment offers heavy duty fab shops a quality tool

We stock a range of used refurbished Bode Conventional and Self Aligning welding rotators.  These were made in Britain and we can refurbish to your RAL colours and offer 12 months warranty on the new electrical components.

Using a set of welding rotators will reduce the need of manpower, lifting equipment and waiting around.  The welder will benefit from the turning speed by way of foot control or a pendant. 

Rotators can be used in conjunction with a Column and Boom set up with submerged arc or MIG for manufacturing cylindrical units of any size. Used in shipyards, fabricating pressure vessels, wind energy towers, boilers and pipelines the list of uses is endless.

Not sure if you need a self aligning set to automatically rotated into precisely the required position for fitting, assembly and welding?

Maybe you need a basic conventional set to keep it simple? Give us a call to discuss your welding project and equipment availability.

Here are some tips to help you decided.

When welding is being carried out on a pipe or vessel, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Some of these are vitally important, and if done correctly can affect the entirety of the weld.

Pipe welding can be quite complex work that requires a lot of skill, but welding rotators make that work much easier.

Bode turning Rolls are usually arranged in sets including a pair of identical rolls, one of which is rotated by an electric motor through a reduction gear box, known at the powered or drive unit while the other is idle, so arranged that the distance between the rolls can be adjusted to accommodate cylinders of different diameters, and mounted on a fabricated frame of simple shape.

Usually a pair of such frames must be arranged on the shop floor at some distance from one another, to accept the cylindrical body in need of welding.

Weight capacity and diameters that can be supported are the major parameters that define rotators. Bode pipe rotators were designed for the medium to heavy duty workshops and the carrying capacity starts at 5000kg up to 50,000kg. The models are CR (conventional) SAR (self aligning) or Scissor type.

Welding Rollers by Bode are supplied with steel, rubber or polyurethane wheels.

We can carry out refurbishment of all rotators for sale or if you have a set that needs some updating, why not let us refurbish them for you.

Why not team up your positioning equipment with a Bode Positioner and Column and Boom set up.  

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