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Welding Around the World - Gathered from International Experts

Have you ever wondered what WELDING was in a different language?

Welding around the World in Languages 

The Kind Welding Network on LinkedIn put together a thorough translated list which covers most countries 

Hegesztés in Hungarian

Soldagem in Portuguese from Brazil

Soldadura in Spanish

Svejsning in Denmark

Kaynak in Turkish

Weldio in Wales

 لحام in Arabic 

Soudage in French

Saldatura in Italian

Svetsning in Swedish

Sudura in Romanian

Las in Bahasa Indonesia

Hinang in Philippines

 焊接 in Chinese

Soldadura, Portuguese

Svařování in Czech Republic

جوشکاری in Persian

वेल्डर  Hindi or Punjabi

Urikkinathal or Partru Inaithal in TAMIL

Qaynaq in Azerbaijani

Сварка (svarka) in Russian

Lassen in Dutch

Soldagem, in BRASIL

Saldatura in Italian

वेलडिंग, जोडाई, झाल लगाना, झलाई, संधान. in Hindi

Schweissen in German

Spawanie in Polish


Sveis in Norwegian

Lassen in Nederlands

Zavaruvanje ( Заварување ) in Macedonian 

Kai'nak (Kazakh) 

Soudure in Francais

Zváranie in Slovakia

Sváření in Czech

Hegesztés in Hungary

Soldador in Spain España 

Soldador in Spanish (Venezuela)

Liham in Arabic

Hinang in Philippines

Ngelas in Indonesia

Sao han in Chinese

Schweißen, German

Zavaryavane in Bulgarian

Svetsning in Swedish

DWE EKAM in Sanskrit

Сварка [svarka] in Russian

Zvarka in Belorussian

Metināšana [metinashana] Latvian

Zavarivanje in Croatian

Hegesztő in Hungarian

Suvirinimas in Lithuania

Svets in Sweden

Sweis in Afrikaans

συγκόλληση In Greek

Schweißen in German

Suða in Icelandic

Welding in Ireland

Hitsaus in Finnish

Зварювання Zvaruvannia in Ukrainian

Soudage en Français

Kimpalan in Bahasa Malay (Malaysia)

Las in Indonesian

焊接( Han Jie) in Mandarin

Joosh kari in Persian, Iran

"Welding" the word in English is obviously used in many countries, even those who do not have English as the native language.  


How can we help?

We are not a multi language speaking company.  However if you are interested in our new or used welding & cutting equipment and would like a translator we will be more than happy to source a suitable person to help us communicate together.

Please take time to view our International Page with information on our Company, Products, Delivery and Services.

If you need any further information on either Buying or Selling Industrial Fabrication machinery, please contact us.



Would you like to talk to our Team?

Maybe you are not sure which welding machine is best for you? Our Sales Team is more than happy to discuss your welding requirements.

With extensive knowledge on ALL makes and models, they can suggest the most suitable machine for your application and budget.

Between Monday and Friday during our working day of 8am – 5pm GMT, we aim to reply to your request within 2 hours of receiving your email.

Remember; we are not restricted to any one brand of Welding Machine.

Do you want a price immediately?

Call +44 (0)116 298 5339 or +44 (0)771 1919906 now 


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