Used and Refurbished Migatronic Welding Equipment

With more than 40 years in the welding technology industry, the Danish company Migatronic has sales subsidaries in ten European countries.

Migatronic want to share of their technological expertise in automated welding and robot integration. To help you achieve increased productivity and uniform, high-quality welding. Welding equipment can be standard or customised to suit.

By buying and Selling Used Migatronic welders for so many years, Westermans can give you a choice of second-hand welding machines that can be yours at an affordable price.

Migatronic develop intelligent technology for manual welding and automated solutions for ambitious companies around the world. Focused on optimising welding processes to make customers’ welding production more efficient.

The company believe that technology is meant to serve man, not the other way around. Therefore, efficiency, functionality and user-friendliness are evident in all that they do. Despite the high level of advanced technology, the welding machines and solutions are known to make welding easy.

Around the world

The Danish company develop, produce and market Migatronic welding machines and solutions all over the world. Through a large network of dealers, the Migatronic welding machines are exported to more than 40 countries. 

The firm have more than 40 years of experience with constant focus on research and development of intelligent welding technology.

The headquarters and main production unit are located in Fjerritslev in the northern part of Denmark with sales subsidiaries in ten European countries and sales and production units in India and China.

History of Migatronic Welding Company

1970: Migatronic is founded and the first CO2 MIG welding machine is put into service

1973: The oil crisis in Denmark increases the auto trade’s interest in welding machines and boosts sales

1976: The annual production amounts to 6,000 welding machines and the total number of employees is 60

1980: First export orders to Egypt, USA and China 

1991: The first welding machine manufacturer in the EU to be ISO 9001 certified

2012: Peter Roed steps down from his position as CEO after 42 years and is succeeded by Anders Hjarnø Jørgensen. Peter Roed takes up the position as chairman of the supervisory board

2015: The annual production amounts to 18,000 welding machines and over the years, and over 2,000 automated welding solutions

CURRENT Migatronic Models

  • Automig
  • Automig2-i
  • Flex 3000
  • Focus MIG
  • Focus Stick 120 E
  • Focus Stick 161 E
  • Focus TIG 160 DCHP
  • Focus TIG 200 DCHP
  • Focus TIG 200 AC/DC
  • MIGx
  • Omega2
  • Omega Yard
  • PI
  • RallyMIG
  • Sigma2
  • Sigma Galaxy
  • Zeta
  • Robot Integration
  • Calibrator
  • Omega2 CoWelder 300
  • Sigma Select Product
  • Sigma Select
  • Call Me CoWelder
  • CoWelder
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