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MIG welding process | How to, Videos and Information - MIG welders, MIG Welding machines and equipment


New, Used and Refurbished MIG Welders

In stock is a vast range of makes and models of MIG welding equipment (GMAW – MIG – MAG - MMA)
Fronius welding machine

MIG Welding

MIG stands for Mechanised Inert Gas Welding and is the most simple form of welding.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is frequently referred to as MIG welding. MIG welding is a commonly used high deposition rate welding process. Wire is continuously fed from a spool. MIG welding is therefore referred to as a semiautomatic welding process.
MIG Welding Benefits
All position capability
Higher deposition rates than SMAW
Less operator skill required
Long welds can be made without starts and stops
Minimal post weld cleaning is required
MIG Welding Shielding Gas
The shielding gas, forms the arc plasma, stabilizes the arc on the metal being welded, shields the arc and molten weld pool, and allows smooth transfer of metal from the weld wire to
the molten weld pool.
There are three primary metal transfer modes:
Spray transfer
Globular transfer
Short circuiting transfer
The primary shielding gasses used are:
Argon - 1 to 5% Oxygen
Argon - 3 to 25% CO2
CO2 is also used in its pure form in some MIG welding processes.  However, in some applications the presence of CO2 in the shielding gas may adversely affect the mechanical properties of the weld. 
Want to know how and why MIG welding developed and works?
This is a basic guide on how to weld using a metal inert gas (MIG) welder. MIG welding is the process of using electricity to melt and join pieces of metal together. MIG welding is sometimes referred to as the "hot glue gun" of the welding world and is generally regarded as one of the easiest type of welding to learn.

Think of this as a guide to get you started MIG welding. Welding is a skill that needs to be developed over time, with a piece of metal in front of you and with a welding gun/torch in your hands. There are many online tutorials, youtube videos and forums to help you develop into a MIG welder.

MIG welding was developed in the 1940's and 60 years later the general principle is still very much the same. MIG welding uses an arc of electricity to create a short circuit between a continuously fed anode (+ the wire-fed welding gun) and a cathode ( - the metal being welded).

The heat produced by the short circuit, along with a non-reactive (hence inert) gas locally melts the metal and allows them to mix together. Once the heat is removed, the metal begins to cool and solidify, and forms a new piece of fused metal.

A few years ago the full name - Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding was changed to Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) but the name MIG welding is still commonly used around the world.

MIG welding is useful because you can use it to weld many different types of metals: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, nickel, silicon bronze and other alloys.
See this very basic but thorough video demonstrating the start to finish of joining two peices of metal using the MIG welder - the fastest, easiest and simplest form of welding machine available today.

Here are some advantages to MIG welding:
·         The ability to join a wide range of metals and thicknesses
·         All-position welding capability
·         A good weld bead
·         A minimum of weld splatter
·         Easy to learn
Here are some disadvantages of MIG welding:
·         MIG welding can only be used on thin to medium thick metals
·         The use of an inert gas makes this type of welding less portable than arc welding which requires no external source of shielding gas
·         Produces a somewhat sloppier and less controlled weld as compared to TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding)
To find out more technical understanding of MIG welders and MIG welding…we suggest you find a mig welding forum online or visit specific web site relating to this process. We stock pulsed MIG, MAG, synergic MIG, multi process MIG, MIG for aluminium machines.
See our current stock of MIG welding equipment…
MIG welding equipment manufacturers include Murex, ESAB, Kemppi, Fronius, Miller, Lincoln, Butters, NBC, Migatronic, Hobart, SAF, Messer

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