New Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

Why settle for 2nd best? Hypertherm plasma cutters offer the best in technology for the professional fabricator

We specialise in used plasma cutters but realise some of our customers want a shiny, brand new Hypertherm equipment so here is a list of those we can supply.

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Hypertherm are world leading manufacturers of Plasma cutting equipment for either manual cutting or mechanised.

Many profile cutting tables have a Hypertherm plasma added to them.  Visit their website for tips, tricks and lots of video tutorials.  They share lots of advice to prolong your consumables, and although the equipment is more expensive it is built for the professional who want a quality cut, reliable equipment and superb after service.

Do you have a Hypertherm machine you wish to sell? Maybe thinking of upgrading? Get in touch with our Buying Team who will let you know if we will buy it and what it's worth

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