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LEV – Local Exhaust Ventilation. What You Need to Know and How it May Affect You and Your Business.

HSE publish and update comprehensive guides on LEV to protect employers and employees.

You can control risks to health from welding fumes by:

  • using alternative cold joining techniques
  • welding in a way that produces less fume
  • local exhaust ventilation (LEV)
  • using respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • maintaining control measures and good general ventilation
  • making sure welders understand the risks and how to use controls

COSHH regulations state that LEV systems must be tested every 14 months. These systems include mist, welding fume, smoke and dust extraction units.

All tests and reports must be undertaken by a competent person and conform to HSE standards, these reports often form part of a company’s insurance policy.

Take a look at the HSE website for lots of helpful information on LEV testing and COSHH It is everyone’s responsibility to take a holistic approach to controlling fumes within  workplaces.

To stay compliant LEV inspections and COSHH tests can be arranged with us, please contact us for more details

Still looking at equipping your factory with extraction equipment?

Our new and used welding fume extraction systems can offer a solution for a variety of applications, plus our range of new units come delivered, commissioned and COSHH tested, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We will send you reminders too so you continually meet current regulations.

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    Check out these NEW fume extractors. Delivered and COSHH tested on site. An affordable way to protect the welder and they comply to all of your insurance requirements.

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