How to Cut Pipe Using a PPE Pipe Profile Cutter

This video demonstration shows a PPE Pipe profile cutting machine (or welding), cutting pipe up to 600mm (24 inch), various pipe wall thickness below this can be used.

The machine is mainly used by pipe fabricators for cutting 90 degree saddles and mitres onto pipe for use in the oil and gas industry, energy sectors and food and bevarage industries as a few examples for tube and pipe fabrication.

The pipe profile cutter can be used with welding rotators/turning rolls (adding more sets depending on the length of the vessel) to assist the pipe cutter in turning the vessel. This then allows for a stationary cutting/welding head to fabricate the pipe using either gas or plasma as preferred. Weld preparations can also be used if required.

There are various types of pipe cutting equipment and welding manipulators used to assist in pipeline fabrication, from column and boom welders to welding positioners and rotators, all used in the fabrication of vessels and tubes from the smallest food and beverage supplier to the largest firms in the energy sector.

If your company is involved in pipe fabrication, and you use pipe cutting machines and welding positional equipment, then we may be able to provide a solution for your submerged arc welding and pipe cutting needs.

Visit our website to view our current stock, or alternatively if you have the above equipment that is now surplus to your needs, we are always looking to purchase used welding and cutting machines, so visit our wanted page to submit your details and our Buyers will be in touch.

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