Linear Seam Welding Benefits

Why Upgrade to a Longitudinal Seam Welder?

If you manually carry out linear welding this Blog will give you a few benefits of upgrading to a Longitudinal Seam welder

automated seam welded process

Longitudinal seam welding is a process used to produce lineal welds on a wide variety of parts.  For many industrial applications it is necessary to form the material into a desired shape, e.g. a cylinder or rectangular tube, and then weld the edges to form a rigid structure.

New LS Seamer

The tradition method of doing this is to manually hold the edges in alignment, tack weld them and them complete the linear weld.  This is done manually or by use of a simple carriage carrying the welding torch.  This type of procedure is costly and time-consuming for the following reasons:

  • Holding the edges accurately in alignment is difficult for the full length of the part.
  • Tack welding takes time and leads to defects in the are of the tack weld
  • There is little effective chilling of the weld joint area leading to distortion and oxidation of the weld and surround area
  • Maintaining the dimensional accuracy of the part is difficult

Longitudinal seam welders provide a solution to these problems.  They optimise the welding process, reduce welding costs and improve the quality of the weld.  They are designed for the straight line welding of all weldable material in varying thicknesses. A mandrel can adjust to accommodate the thicker materials.

seam welding linear

The longitudinal seam welder clamps the material to be welded firmly in alignment giving uniform chill to the weld.  It also provides the facility to move the welding equipment accurately along the weld seam.  This produces a butt weld free of melt-through, burnback and extreme shrinkage or distortion.

These can be external or internal welding applications.  Various welding process can be added; mig/mag, tig/gtaw or plasma welding.

Simplified controls reduce the operator’s fatigue.

External style seam welders are used in the making cryogenic tanks and exhausts.

seam welding exhaust

Internal style seam welders are designed for the welding of tanks and vessels and an example of the industry would be the oil and gases by road transportation.

LPG Trailer image

These semi automated seamers are produced by a number of leading manufacturers that we highly recommend; Bode, the British leaders in positioning machinery and Jetline and Weldlogic the US competition.

If you would like to know more about this process, the equipment or are looking for a welding and fabrication firm capable of carrying on longitudinal welding, please get in touch and mention this Blog. We are sure we can help you. Not sure it is the application for you? Send your material to us and we can carry out some sample welds.

Westermans are buyers and sellers of new, second-hand and refurbished Longitudinal seam welders.

View here the current list of seamers  available today. All are bespoke and can have various welding processes added or use your existing welder to save costs.

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  2. It’s interesting how you said that a longitudinal welding machine helps to optimize the welding process. This would be really helpful if you were a steel fabrication company that needed to get a lot done. You could just throw everything in the machine and let it do its work.

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    • Westermans says:

      Hi Wayne if only life was that simple! We also need qualified welders and fitters in our world. This is semi automatic and of course need someone experienced checking the quality of the welds. It does mean welds are consistent if everything else like materials, gases and speeds remain the same. Thanks for your comments – appreciated.

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  4. hong ky says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, it helps me to do the job more efficiently

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