Fun facts about Welding that may want you to change your career infographic

Welding can be a rewarding career with numerous possibilities for work.  According to the following infographic from Tulsa Welding School, this may be the case due to our society’s reliance on products which require welding, including computers, automobiles, boats, construction equipment, and mobile phones and other electronic devices.

In fact, there were 357,400 welding jobs in the United States in 2012, and this is expected to grow by six percent until 2020, according to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics. A majority – two out of three to be exact – of these jobs are in manufacturing. Interestingly enough, the average age of these workers is 54, meaning in the next 10 years, there may be a demand for workers in this field to replace those who are retiring.

As of 2012, the average welder makes $36,300 per year, which is equivalent to $17.45 per hour. In states like California, where the number of welding jobs is high, this number is even greater. For instance, welders in San Francisco average over $50,000 per year. Welders in Minneapolis and in New York City can also make around a half million annually. Although welders are needed in every state, there is a higher demand in states such as California and Texas.

You may just have the chance to weld in outer space one day, and it wouldn’t be the first time this happened. Back in 1969, Russian cosmonauts attempted to weld in space. Should you choose to take up welding, you’ll be keeping up a very long tradition; the first records of welders dated back to 3,500 B.C. during the Bronze Age. Archaeologists learned this fact when welders and ancient welding tools were found in the tombs of Egyptians.

If you want a job with good pay and stable work, welding just might be for you. You may be surprised to know welding can be a lengthy process, meaning that there are a great deal of hours needed for welders to work. In fact, approximately 950 working hours go into welding just one NASCAR car. Most workers work a standard 40-hour week with shifts lasting between eight to 12 hours; however, there are opportunities for overtime, with some welders putting in up to 70 hours each week.


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