How to Sustainably Fill Your Welding Equipment Needs Today!

In the current climate where everyone is attempting not to waste resources, buying secondhand welding equipment is certainly of benefit to the environment.

At Westermans, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have done since long before it became trendy.
However we also realise that whatever we do needs to be safe but also just as importantly economically viable.

Clean energy powered by wind turbines

How can you be green?

It is often said that being green is a rich persons luxury; organic food is more expensive, as is green energy.
In the real world, unless government legislates on green issues, then for any company to survive the environmentally friendly option must also make economic sense.

This economic sense might be in customer perception or it might be because something is cheaper or more efficient.
With second hand welders it is generally cheaper.  

We offer more than just lower cost welding machinery solutions, we also aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

How do we do this?

  • We provide impartial advice on only quality welding equipment that is made to survive the heavy industry workshops.  This will give accurate costings and initial recommendations on our current stock.  Instead of using up your valuable time to visit, we have a large number of videos of demonstrations available to view.  Also, we may request you send up samples that need welding. 
  •  Many clients when looking for a potential supplier of their welding equipment will contact maybe 2 or 3 of the major manufacturers of welding equipment. They believe, whether rightly or wrongly, that they will get a better deal dealing with a manufacturer or Distributor.  While we would not suggest that you don’t talk to a Welding Equipment distributor assigned to a particular brand or manufacturer,  we believe you should always discuss your requirements early with an independent supplier of welders who can give impartial advice based on many manufacturers.
  • Refurbished Welders. Often refurbished is referred to re-painted. We offer a refurbished purchase option for you to get a great value, used machine that looks and works as new!

Take a look at the below video as we refurbish a heavy duty welding poisitioner for a client.

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