Orbital welding for small diameter tubing from AMI

Orbital Welding small diameter tubing or pipes of less than 38mm

Orbital Welding of small diameter round tubes and pipes is defined as round with an outside diameter of 38mm or less and is used in a variety of industrial applications.

This semi automatic welding process provides a safe, reliable, clean method of fabricating fluid systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. For joining of small diameter tubing, particularly for more critical piping systems where weld quality or product purity is a concern, orbital welding has become the preferred joining method.

Our Machine of the Week is an AMI Model 81 weld head which is used in a variety of applications including shipbuilding and high-pressure steam piping in fossil fuel power plants. The Model 81 can be equipped with a wide variety of options to allow its use in specialised applications that include remote arc viewing vision systems and fillet welding options.

The Arc Machines’ Model 81 is a field-proven weld head which represents the culmination of years experience in the successful design and development of precision low-profile orbital welding heads by Arc Machines, inc the American manufacturer.   The full function orbital pipe weld head features programmable AVC (Arc Voltage Control), Torch Oscillation (weaving), onboard Wire Feeder and Travel in a very compact package.

Small diameter orbital weld head

Model 81 orbital weld-head in its standard configuration will weld pipe from 1.9″ OD to 5.563″ OD with as little as 1.750″ radial clearance and 6.325″ axial clearance. The unique clamping assembly increases production rates by minimizing the mounting and dismounting times of the weld head to as little as 30 seconds each.

Orbital welding is extremely versatile and has the ability to fuse together components in a wide variety of sizes and materials with a consistency that is difficult to match using manual welding techniques. The M81 weld head is compatible with the AMI Model 227 and AMI Model 415 Power Supplies.

Orbital welding has almost always exclusively been carried out by the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG / GTAW) technique using non-consumable electrodes, with additional cold-wire feed where necessary. The easy control of heat input makes TIG-welding the ideal welding method for fully orbital welding of tubes with specialist orbital welding heads like this one.

If you want further details, full specifications and a price on the AMI M81 weld head we have for sale, please complete the form in this link

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