What is the difference between a clean and severance cut?

What is the difference between a clean and severance cut?

Plasma cutting can be cheaper than oxy-fuel cutting and certainly a lot less messier and you can get rid of the costly gas bottles.
Here are a couple of terms you will find when looking a the manufacturers specification sheets.

Clean cut

Simple explanation. Clean cut leaves a nice finish  when cutting at a reasonable speed.

A Clean Cut is where the machine will cut all the way through the material and the cut parts will fall away from each other leaving only minimal dross on the bottom edge which can easily be pulled off using pliers etc.

The cutting marks will start off straight and then give a slope of a small angle towards the bottom of the cut. The metal should require no extra working before being welded together etc.

Severance cut

Simple explanation: Severance cut means you get the metal in 2 pieces with ragged dross  filled cut line.

A Severance Cut is where the user is using the machine close to its maximum cutting thickness capability. The cutting speed will be much slower compared to a clean cut and the metal will require some cleaning up towards the bottom edge.

So when you are choosing your machine, consider the thickest material you will regularly cut where you need a clean cut then can you afford the next model up?

After all you want minimal prep before welding so don’t skimp on the plasma cutter just for a few hundred quid as you will spend this in time and effort cleaning up.

Plasma cutters are an amazing tool to have in any metal working environment, they are easy to use and models range massively to suit the home hobby user to the industrial shipyards.

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