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Links to Welding Apps | Trouble shooting techinicals issues and Settings

Apps imageApps are becoming more and more popular for the mobile user 

Here we give a few suggestions of Welding Apps for When You’re on the Go

In today’s digitally saturated world it’s hard to avoid the notion of the app. Apps—short for applications—are bite-sized software programs that users download onto their mobile phones or tablet from the Internet. There are apps for just about every conceivable activity. You can play games, count calories, balance your check book and find happy hour drink specials—all on the go.

Believe it or not, there are also a fair number of welding apps for use on both Apple and Android tablets and smart phones. You can identify the welding parameters of your next job, calculate weld costs, look up cut charts and error codes, and get help with the interpretation of industrial radiographs. American Welding Online even has an app that helps you prepare for the Certified Welding Inspector Examination.

The editors of the Welding Journal have delved into the world of welding apps and come up with some helpful tips and a list of welding apps for you to look into. 

Many apps are intuitive and require no instructions to use. They usually begin by asking you to answer a few questions to define your situation, then open a scroll-down page with the answers, recommended settings, data chart, a table, equipment settings, required filler metals, etc.

Many equipment and consumable manufacturers offer apps that make it easy to compare the features and capabilities of their products.

Many apps can be downloaded for free. However some free apps are “Lite” versions designed to introduce the user to basic functions and promote the purchase of the “Full” version. Sometimes the “Lite” version is all you really need.

Many apps provide the opportunity to experiment with different metals, materials thicknesses, processes, etc., to get a feel for how various processes work.

To search for an app just Google your topic and the word app or application. Useful apps are often found on welding equipment manufacturers’ Websites.

The AWS suggest you check for new apps online occasionally, since they are added and updated daily.


The FREE Fronius Weld Wizard app for calculation of welding relevant parameters for persons which are interested in welding technology.

Advanced Welding Technology

This app is compatible with some of your devices.


Miller Weld Setting Calculator

By Miller Electric Mfg Co


Mobile Weld Settings Calculator

Conveniently access suggested weld parameter settings and other handy tips for MIG, TIG and Stick welders. Available from the iPhone app store or on MillerWelds.com. Free.


Get your weld parameter settings right from your iPhone with the Miller weld setting calculator app. The calculator will help you tune your machine for optimal results based on a few simple questions. Weld calculators are handy references for weld parameters, electrode/wire type, basic techniques, and process information for TIG, Stick or MIG.


A Blackberry app from ESAB Simply plug in a few pieces of info, and we'll give you the parameters you need for your job - including wire feed speed, voltage, current, and inductance. You can use the data to set up your machine and adjust to your specific application requirements. It's that easy!

Spot welding - Miyachi Unitek's technical engineers have extensive experience with applications across many different industries. That experience, coupled with the broad range of laser and resistance welding, laser marking, laser cutting, and reflow soldering and bonding equipment offered by Miyachi Unitek, enables them to recommend the best solution for your specific application based on process requirements, production space and budget and therefore design apps to suit the user.



  • Troubleshoot resistance spot welding problems such as overheating, weak welds, metal expulsion, electrode sticking and more with this Resistance Spot Welding Troubleshooting App, available in the iTunes store
  • Determine material weldability using either resistance spot welding or laser welding technology Material Weldability App, available in the iTunes store


  • Troubleshoot resistance spot welding problems such as overheating, weak welds, metal expulsion, electrode sticking and more with this Resistance Spot Welding Troubleshooting App, available in Google Play/Android Market
  • Determine material weldability using either resistance spot welding or laser welding technology Material Weldability App, available in Google Play/Android Marketplace

Lincoln Electric Weld Parameter Guide

Welding parameters in the palm of your hand.

Lincoln Electric’s Parameter Guide is a full-featured and easy to use App designed to supply weld settings for SMAW, GMAW/FCAW and GTAW.

Packed with features, it comes pre-loaded with embedded look-up tables, ideal for remote locations; a “smart” look-up feature which reviews each user input and calculates the available recommended options remaining for each parameter; U.S. and metric settings included, eliminating the need to carry a metric convertor and a Notes section with additional weld set-up and procedure information. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the simplified graphical user interface (GUI) features icon based menus for easy navigation

All of these features in one, native App, eliminating the need for cellular or internet access.

Lincoln Electric’s Parameter Guide is specifically designed for Welders:
• Easy to use graphical interface featuring icon based menus.
• Dynamic “smart” look-up tables. As the user enters data each remaining option is narrowed based on the valid options remaining.
• U.S and metric settings option. 
• Setting for SMAW, GMAW/FCAW and GTAW. 
• Steel and Stainless Steel setting for SMAW.
• Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel settings for GMAW/FCAW and GTAW.
• Integrated look-up tables. No need to have WiFi / internet access. Great for remote locations and areas where cell phone / internet service is limited.
• Notes section provides additional weld set-up information.

Mechanical Engineer

By Multieducator Inc

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


MECHANICAL ENGINEER, part of MultiEducator's iPhone "Formulator" Line, is the perfect tool for any Mechanical Engineer or engineering student. Our Mechnical Engineer app contains over 300 important mechanical engineering formulas, there are over 300 additional conversion formulas in the program as well as 70 area formulas.


By Autodesk Inc.

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


AutoCAD WS enables you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD® drawings with anyone, anywhere using your mobile device. Annotate and revise drawings in the office, in the field, or in a meeting. Work on designs without an internet connection, and easily open DWG, DWF, and DXF™ files directly from email. Simplify design creation, review, and more.


Welding Calculator

By Action!

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


Welding Calculator is ideal to set up the welding parameters in linear and angle welding.

The value settled are standard and must be carefully checked by professional people before welding production.

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