ESAB UXB CNC & Magic Eye Demonstration – A How to Trace video!

This video uses an ESAB Cutting Systems UXB 15 CNC & magic eye profile cutting machine to demonstrate the basics of how to operate your machine set up for tracing with magic eye.

The magic eye unit follows the drawing of the component needing to be cut – this process is called teach tracing, this is then “traced” out in the machines memory  – the Burny CNC unit, which is connected to the carriageway in order for the plate to be cut as desired.

These profile cutting machines are basic and simple to use. They are a cheap and cost effective way to start automating your sheet metal plate cutting for smaller businesses and workshops – that do not necessarily need the most professional finish that a CNC plasma or laser would give.

We have more profile cutting videos available on our YouTube channel WestermansWelders, and you can view our current profile cutting machines for sale on the website by clicking here.

If you want something abit more, why not take a look at our CNC plasma cutters?

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