Pak 45 offers fast, clean dross-free plasma cut

Are you looking for a Plasma Cutter than offers a fast, clean, dross-free cut?

Then consider the Thermal Arc PAK 45 plasma cutter our Machine of the Week

This plasma cutting system can cut up to 76mm in most metals with a continuous adjustable current between 50 and 400 amperes. If you are in heavy duty fabrication shops or industrial construction then this is more than capable of cutting thick pieces of steel beams or shaping other metals.

With the dual-flow design it uses a secondary gas or water surrounding the plasma arc to assist the high velocity plasma arc in blowing the molten metal away from the cut. The secondary flow also helps cooling the front end of the torch prolonging consumable parts life, reducing a build-up of spatter on the torch.

Nitrogen or a mixture of argon and hydrogen can be used as the plasma gas with carbon dioxide, water and compressed air, or nitrogen, used as the secondary gas. Consumables and energy will be much reduced if ask your Gas supplier for the advice to achieve the optimum cut at the lowest cost.

Supplied for manual cutting with a PCH-6B hand torch or there is an option to add a machine torch, model PCM-6B, to upgrade your CNC profile cutting capabilities. Retro fitting a plasma cutting table with a Pak 45 from an oxy-fuel torch will allow cut quality with excellent results on both stainless steel and aluminium.

We have 2 used plasma cutting systems for sale which were manufactured by the American company Thermal Dynamics a number of years ago, but have only had approximately 4 weeks use from new so the condition of each is excellent.

Find out more about the manufacturer here and their current models for sale.

Want to know more about plasma cutting systems, our services such as warranty and delivery or do you need some answers as to how a Thermal Dynamics Pak 45 can mechanise your plate cutting process?  Then why not give our team a call today.

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