President of the Welding World

The AWD and Welding World members will attend a dinner in November to celebrate the investiture of our Founder, Peter Westerman to President

With almost 60 years in the welding equipment supply industry, Peter Westerman our Founder is the new AWD President.

Thrilled to be given this 2 year position, he cannot speak highly enough of the many people he has encountered during the last half a century.

President AWD
Peter, a proud President.

Like all industries and professions, the equipment and services provided are highly dependent upon the knowledge, enthusiasm and trust of the people bring them to customers. I am extremely grateful for the input from the long list of individuals and organisations that I have been lucky enough to deal with.

Peter Westerman – Aims to bring the past, present and future Welding Industry together.

The Association of Welding Distributors is a British organisation for those involved in welding distribution including products, equipment, gases, importers and wholesalers.

AWD logo

The AWD was created to support and promote high professional standards of its members in dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors. It is the true voice of the welding industry in the UK.

The Welding World Association works alongside the AWD and provides a steady source of information for businesses to help develop skills. You do not have to be a Distributor to be a member. Students benefit from free membership.

In 2016, Peter was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award to the welding industry by Michael Portillo the Host for the evening at the Welding World Awards.

Peter and girls welding world

Maybe you have memories of Peter in his younger years? His days with Petbow, British Steel, the fabrication workshops in Scotland to the mining community in Wales.

We would love to hear stories of our boss! Why not share your memories of Peter with us?

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