The Best Plasma Cutter for Use in the Automotive Industry?

Hypertherm have recently published a great article on the use of plasma cutters within the automotive industry.

It describes restoring a car as a ‘journey’ that the Powermax plasma cutting and gouging systems can help you to take.

Hypertherm plasma cutters are used by professionals and DIYers alike, throughout the automotive world. From the manufacturing process  – usually mechanised systems fitted onto cutting tables, to repair and restoration by handheld systems by hobbyists and repair/customisation shops alike.

Powermax plasma systems enable users to quickly and cleanly cut through steel, stainless steel and aluminium whether dirty, rusted or painted – so no need for pre-treatment!

For the full article and more details on how Hypertherm plasma cutters can be used in the automotive industry, click here.

The video below shows a Hypertherm plasma restoring a ’51 Mercury –

Westermans are a proud partner of Hypertherm, a selection of machines can be found on our website.

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