How Will an Already Limited Welding Education Sector Cope After COVID?

Collaboration between training centres and colleges could be key to Covid-19 risk assessments and subsequent preparation.

As we know, already we have a global shortage of skilled welders and surely that level will only deteriorate if social distancing becomes the norm.

Riverside college welding

How can we have a room full of eager students wanting to learn to weld?

How can they stand next to the tutor whilst they show them the hands-on techniques that are required?

We have worked and supported Riverside College, who have a dedicated training centre for welding and fabrication.
Craig Scott, Welding Tutor at the college is reaching out to similar establishments who are preparing to open welding schools both in June 2020 and next term.

How are you opening your doors to students?

To prevent contamination, learners won’t be able to share helmets and gloves, with tools and equipment requiring sanitisation after use.
We may see class sizes reduced, with the possibility of opening on Saturdays to stagger sessions, helping to protect staff and students.
Could we see a wider uptake of virtual welding, but if so, at what cost?

Welding Students from Riverside
What social distancing changes are you considering in welding schools?

Obviously this is a worldwide situation and the team want to be ahead of the curve and as fully informed as can possibly be.
With this in mind, they are looking to collaborate with anyone on Covid-19 preparations.

Have you found any clear guidance from your Government or organisations that you can share?

training centres
Archive photo Training and Apprenticeships before Covid-19

Join forces

Are you similar to Craig? A tutor, welding technician or even industrial H&S representatives? Would there be an interest to form a group to combat current and future health and safety issues, that we have never had to consider before?

If you have any suggestions of how to resolve any of the above, or have some sound advice to get young people back into training, please get in touch directly with Craig by email to

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