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Plasma Cutters and CNC Plasma cutting systems

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Plasma cutters
Plasma cutting
Plasma profile
Trading for over 40 years, Westermans International has built up a huge knowledge of all types of plasma cutting equipment and machinery which we now stock from our East Midland warehouses.
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Plasma Cutters, Plasma Cutting
Plasma Systems, Plasma Units
Hand Plasma, Machine Plasma
Plasma Torches, Plasma Cutting Posts
Plasma Profile Cutters, Plasma Profile Cutting
Hydefinition Plasma, High defintion plasma
CNC profile machines, CNC plasma cutters
CNC plasma cutting machines
Magic eye cutters, Scanning systems
Oxy-fuel profile cutter, Shape cutting machines
Propane cutting, Acetylene cutters

Plasma cutting equipment and plasma profile machines
Our excellent service starts from the moment you share with us your metal cutting needs. Both your present and future manufacturing plans are discussed and the plasma cutter we recommend for your project is formulated to match your engineering, manufacturing and purchasing budget challenges.
Our customers consist of small engineering firms right through to powerful companies associated in the Oil and Gas Industries and, over the years, we have proven to them just how good our used plasma cutting equipment, used automated plasma cutting equipment and complete profile cutting machines are.
Do you need to cut one or hundreds of shapes out of a piece of metal plate?
Maybe you are an artist and want to cut out custom metal shapes?
Not sure how to do it?
Are you confused by the variety, cost and availability?
We have been supplying used Plasma Cutting systems for over 25 years. Why pay the new price tag when you can purchase a refurbished machine with warranty at a fraction of the cost?
Call us for impartial advice from all the leading manufacturers of Plasma Profile Cutting equipment: ESAB, Messer, Hypertherm, Esprit, ACS, Techserv, Burny, Westinghouse, Farley, Koike, Tehcserve, plus many more.
Which one?
For simplicity
Scanning systems (magic eye) set up for plasma cutting an appropriate sheet of around 8x4 is the most simple choice. These optical cutting machines have photoelectric control. The machine is designed for high accuracy in cutting. There is no need of metal templates. The magic eye/photoelectric tracer (ratio 1:1) can follow templates silhouettes or line drawings with ease.
Machines can be equipped with more than 1 manual or motorised cutting torches thus making it suitable or either for one of batch production of mass production. There are many small cantilever types of profile cutting machine which are ideal for the smaller workshops and for those who want an easy to use template type cutting machine. Our machines in stock have a variety of cutting widths, normally a minimum of 1.5 meters. The cutting length can be altered to suit and often increased to any length by extending the machine.
All rounder
The Portal Gantry type which is now very popular can be supplied with scanner or have both scanner and a CNC system fitted giving the operator the option depending on the job involved that day. These are dual driven and can be suitable for oxy-acetylene or plasma cutting applications. This type of plate cutting machine comes in numerous sizes.
CNC Plasma Profile Cutting machines
The CNC cutting machines we sell are normally fitted with a Burny Etek system (Burny 2.5, Burny 5, Burny 10, Burny Replicator). These are reliable and easy to use units with 50 standards shapes contained in the memory or they can receive the information from an office PC with CAD software.
Westermans supply CAD drawing packages to suit the Burny systems and provide tuition and training to any number of workshop staff.
Motorised cutting posts with auto height sensing is available for plasma torches. Depending on the size of the machine 1 - 6 cutting posts can be fitted.
Plasma Cutting machines
99% of our machines can be supplied with a choice of plasma cutter, either new or used. Price would be dependent on the cutting thickness and materials involved. Talk to us about your requirements, and we will offer free advice and extensive knowledge.
Upgrade and Retro Fit
The majority of machines supplied can be ungraded later and retro fitted with CNC controllers, additional torches or just fully serviced to meet Health and Safety requirements. See here more details about refurbishment on your existing plasma profile cutting machine.
How and Why of Plasma Cutting?
Modern industry depends on the manipulation of heavy metal and alloys: We need metals to build the tools and transportation necessary for day-to-day business. For example, we build cranes, cars, robots, and suspension bridges out of precisely formed metal components.
Metals are extremely strong and durable, so they're the logical choice for most things that need to be especially big, especially sturdy, or both.
Metal's strength is also its own weakness: Because metal is so good at resisting damage,­ it's very difficult to manipulate and form into specialized pieces. So how do people precisely cut and manipulate the metals needed to build something as large and as strong as an airplane wing? In most cases, the answer is the plasma cutter.
A plasma cutter is extremely simple concept. It gets the job done by harnessing one of the most prevalent states of matter in the visible universe. Plasma cutters provide an economical technique to cut a variety of shapes in metals very accurately. The introduction of these cutters or torches has revolutionized the speed, accuracy and types of cuts made in all types of metals as long as these metals are capable of conducting electricity. Plasma cutters work by sending an electric arc through a gas that is passing through a constricted opening. The gas can be shop air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen. etc. Plasma cutters only require a low skill level and due to their effectiveness, plasma cutters are beginning to threaten to obsolete a large number of conventional metalworking tools.

This elevates the temperature of the gas to the point that it enters a 4th state of matter. The first three being; solid, liquid, and gas, Scientists call this additional state plasma. As the metal being cut is part of the circuit, the electrical conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer to the work.

The restricted opening (nozzle) the gas passes through causes it to squeeze by at a high speed. This high speed gas cuts through the molten metal. The gas is also directed around the perimeter of the cutting area to shield the cut. When power is applied to the negatively charged electrode and the tip of the nozzle is touched to the metal a circuit is created, generating a powerful spark between the electrode and the metal. Inert gas passes through the channel and the spark heats the gas until plasma is created, reducing metal to molten slag. This plasma conducts electrical current and the cycle of creating the arc is continuous as long as power is supplied to the electrode and the plasma stays in contact with the metal that is being cut.
In many of today's better plasma cutting systems, a pilot arc between the electrode and nozzle is used to ionize the gas and initially generate the plasma prior to the arc transfer.

Other methods that have been used are touching the torch tip to the work to create a spark, and the use of a high-frequency starting circuit (like a spark plug). Neither of these latter two methods is compatible with CNC (automated) cutting.

A number of consumables are required for the plasma cutter. The electrode is at the center, and it has a nozzle just below it, above the electrode is the swirl ring, which causes the plasma to turn rapidly as it passes.

While these parts are all referred to as consumables, it is the electrode and nozzle that wear and require periodic replacement.
7 reasons why to buy from us….
1.     Trust… We have supplied plasma cutting equipment for over 25 years
2.     Advice… We are not restricted to any one manufacturer.
3.     Bespoke...All machines can be tailored to suit specification and budget
4.     Price… Save thousands against the price tag of new machines
5.     Availability… Normally within 3 weeks or sooner
6.     Support… Support for the life time of the machine
7.     Warranty… Up to 12 months available
We have long held an excellent reputation for providing a valued service to our customers that goes hand in hand with supplying used plasma cutting equipment around the world. Read some of the Testimonials we have received from our customers.
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