Bode HSW 100/1250mm Longitudinal Seam Welding machine

Bode HSW 100/1250mm Longitudinal Seam Welding machine

Stock No: 14326

Brand: Bode

Model: hsw

Condition: Used

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  • Min diameter 100 mm maximum welding length 1250 mm
  • Copper Holding Down Fingers, Edge Setting Devices Fitted, Gas Purge Backing Bar
  • Limit switches start weld, end weld Variable Speed Travelling Carriage, Forwards/Reverse
  • Designed for welding longitudinal seams of cylinders, conical and rectangular work pieces and, in addition flat sheets of plate
  • The robust construction of the machine and patented design of the clamping finger operation ensures the correct alignment for the welding of thin-gauge material in stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, copper or aluminum.
  • The variable speed traveling carriage which traverses an accurately machined beam ensures the torch follows precisely the welding seam.
  • The BODE HSW range will produce uniformly strong welds and reduce welding costs, using TIG (argon arc) with and without filler wire - MIG (metal inert gas) using argon, CO2 or gas mixture - Submerged Arc, or plasma processes.
  • We have an unlimited choice of welding equipment which could be fitted to the machine at present the machine is fitted with a migatronic tig welder
  • Supplied fully serviced or refurbished to order, in full working condition with or without welding equipment
  • Photograph shows condition PRIOR to any work commencing. Please view Gallery page!

Package Includes:

  • Fully serviced with 6 months warranty

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