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Seam Welders and Seam Welding Equipment - Videos, Demos and information

New, Used and Refurbished Seam Welders
In stock are a variety of longitudinal and circumferential seam welding machines with varying clamping lengths and diameter ranges.

See the demo video above using a New LS seam welding machine - TIG weld samples with 0.5/1.0mm stainless steel cans.  LS-15 longitudinal seam welder with Tweco Arcmaster 301TS DC TIG welding packge and machine torch.


Bode Seam Welder

Seam Welders are supplied to a weld a wide variety of applications including Mig-Mag, Tig, Sub-Arc and Plasma Welding in an external seam.

Westermans can supply the Seam welding machine alone or offer a bespoke solution with any choice of welding application that the customer requests or the job requires.
The advantage of using a Seam Welder easily enables the joining of two flat plates or the longitudinal seam of a tubular pipe without tack welding.  A Longitudinal Seam Welder gives the welding operator repeatability at the touch of a button as the welding carriage travels down the length of the work piece.  A Seam Welder can be used to weld either internally or externally.
The Seam Welder is ideal for use in a production line were the quality of weld and finish is essential.
Seamers can be found in a variety of applications from shipbuilding, copper cylinders, boilers, and tanks to stainless steel household bins.
Resistance seam welding, Butt welding and Spot welding can also be known as seam welding. Seam welding is a process of welding a lengthwise seam in sheet metal either by abutting or overlapping joints. Seam welding is commonly used during the manufacturing of round or rectangular steel tubing.
See our current stock of Seam Welders and Seam Welding machines here

From the leading brands such as Bode, Jetline, Weldlogic, Instrument Engineers, Meritus, British Federal, Sciaky, Key Plant and SAF, Pandjiris, Weldline, Webb, Aronson, A&N, ProArc

Types of Seam Welding Equipment 

Seam Welders
Seam welders are designed for all straight line, linear welding applications. weld seamer, weld seamers, seamwelder, seamwelders, seam welder, seam welders

Automatic Seam Welders
LWA seam welders are designed for high volume production welding of cylinders. Because the clamping and welding sequence is fully automated, this system provides the fastest cycle times.

Bench Seam Welders
The compact design of the LWB makes it an ideal choice for welding thin gage sheets, small cylinders, and bellows.

Coil Splicers
Coil splicers are used to join coiled sheet together, using proven seam welder technology that provides high quality welds.

Combination Seam Welders
This style seam welders are designed to provide the flexibility of internal or external cylinder welding. The smaller diameter parts can be loaded on the mandrel below the tabletop, while the large diameters are loaded over the tabletop.

Elevating Seam Welders
Seam welders with hydraulically elevating tabletop height can be quickly changed to accept a wide variety of part diameters.
External Seam Welders
A versatile seam welder for welding externally on cylinders ranging from 24” (600 mm) to 240” (6100 mm) in length. Standard part diameter range is from 2 5/8” (66 mm) to 32” (800 mm); larger diameters are possible with an optional riser.
Internal Seam Welders
Seam welders are designed for welding flat sheets or tanks with diameters larger than 55” (1400 mm). They are ideal for trailer tank and field erected tank fabricators.

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